The Ultimate Guide To Fulfilment ...or How To Live Happily Ever After!

Do you sometimes wonder: “What is the purpose of my life?” Have you ever felt that despite being successful in so many ways your life is still missing one essential ingredient?

Does the thought of death terrify you? Would you like to know the secret to living happily ever after? Would you like to know the three levels of joy and make sure your life is as joy - full as it can be?

Welcome to Being You and Loving You!

This book does just that, by taking you on a profoundly transformational journey.

  • Rediscover and embrace your uniqueness and your abundance
  • Create the life you desire
  • Find and honour your purpose
  • Fall in love with your life
  • Find freedom by overcoming your fear of death
  • Manifest your highest potential
  • Share your beauty and your passion with the world

In falling in love with your life, leaving fear and doubt behind and manifesting your highest potential, you find true fulfilment and access the simple, yet elusive secret to living happily ever after.

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About the Author

Silvana is a successful Inspirational Coach, philosopher, teacher and award winning author who has dedicated her life to helping people discover, embrace and fulfil their potential.

More than anything else, Silvana is a passionate human being driven by a deep commitment to create a better, happier world through helping individuals reach their potential, fulfil their dreams and live life with joy and gratitude.

Fascinated from a young age by spirituality and philosophy Silvana embarked on a quest to find her own answers to the big question about the meaning of life. Several years later, with a BSc in Philosophy and Religious Studies and an MA in Cultural Studies under her belt she chose Coaching as the best way to empower others to embrace their uniqueness and richness and create their destiny. Now an acclaimed Life Coach, Spiritual Coach and NLP practitioner Silvana draws on her extensive study of Philosophy, Psychology, Astrology, Meditation, Holistic Healing and Spirituality to create a uniquely inspirational and empowering style of coaching.

Being You and Loving You is Silvana’s gift to all those in search for a more meaningful and a more joyful life. A true labour of love, this is a book that will surely challenge you to look at yourself and your life in a different light, a book that will surprise you, enrich you, charm you and comfort you and a book that will ultimately enlighten and transform you - if you allow it to.

Silvana lives in the UK and divides her time between writing, coaching, group coaching, teaching, supporting humanitarian projects and conducting workshops and seminars.

Being You And Loving You

The Ultimate Guide To Fulfilment ...or How To Live Happily Ever After!

  • Be You

    Who are you? Who do you want to be? Celebrate your uniqueness.

    This chapter and subchapters are all about reminding readers that we are all unique and must acknowledge, embrace and celebrate this uniqueness. This chapter cures our fear of being insignificant.

  • Embrace Your Richness

    Do you know your worth? Living abundantly. Sharing your abundance.

    This is a chapter aimed at raising awareness about how rich and abundant we are; instead of focusing on lack we can focus on embracing our infinite abundance and sharing it with the world. This chapter helps cure our fear of being poor, unworthy.

  • Express Yourself

    How do you express? What would you like to express? Being your best expression.

    A chapter about the way we express – and about how we could choose to express the best that we are, thus contributing to making the world a better place. This chapter cures our fear of being unnoticed, unable to express ourselves.

  • Nurture Yourself

    How do you experience yourself? How does it feel to be you? Feeding your soul.

    A chapter about reconnecting with our inner child, nurturing ourselves and listening to our inner voice. A chapter about following our heart and feeding our soul. This chapter cures our fear of not being listened to.

  • Co–create Your Life

    How are you creating your life? Thinking like a creator. Creating your best life.

    A chapter about our ability to co – create ourselves and our reality, play with possibilities and rejoice in our infinite creativity. This chapter empowers us to be creators.

  • Find Your Purpose

    What is your purpose? What purpose would you like to give your life? Taking your life where you want it to take you.

    A chapter about finding focus and refining our purpose. This chapter helps the reader clarify the direction in which they want to take their lives. Clarity brings power.

  • Fall In Love with Yourself

    Do you love yourself? Loving you. Loving your life.

    This pivotal chapter takes the reader on a journey from meeting themselves to falling in love with themselves to living life with passion and compassion. This chapter cures our fear of being unloved.

  • Free Yourself From Fear

    What is your biggest fear? Setting yourself free. Embracing the freedom that comes with no fear.

    A chapter about confronting death and understanding that death as we see it does not exist – cannot exist; instead, we must understand and overcome our fear of being. This chapter cures us of any fear.

  • Honour Your Dreams

    Who will you be, now that you are free? Your dream – your life. Living the dream.

    A chapter about feeling free and empowered to follow our dream till the end and making this dream our reality. This chapter should erase any delay between dream and reality.

  • Manifest Your Highest Potential

    Where do you start? A sense of duty. Your life is your masterpiece.

    This chapter is all about the dream/reality becoming our mission and our duty. This chapter encourages us to see our life as our masterpiece, gift and legacy.

  • Let Your Light Shine

    Do You know who you are? A messenger of life. Living your life in service to life.

    This is a chapter about going beyond oneself into oneness with life; by living our dream, our mission, we become messengers of life and live our lives in service to life; we are a beacon of light for everyone around us. This chapter takes us beyond personal limitations into the joy of sharing life with everyone else.

  • Share your Joy and Fulfilment in Oneness

    You Are One with life. Living miraculously. Celebrating life.

    This final chapter is about living with the awareness that we are one with life and with everyone else. Here life becomes a constant celebration and a miracle.


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