Silvana is a successful Inspirational Coach, philosopher, teacher and award winning author who has dedicated her life to helping people discover, embrace and fulfil their potential.

More than anything else, Silvana is a passionate human being driven by a deep commitment to create a better, happier world through helping individuals reach their potential, fulfil their dreams and live life with joy and gratitude.

Fascinated from a young age by spirituality and philosophy Silvana embarked on a quest to find her own answers to the big question about the meaning of life. Several years later, with a BSc in Philosophy and Religious Studies and an MA in Cultural Studies under her belt she chose Coaching as the best way to empower others to embrace their uniqueness and richness and create their destiny. Now an acclaimed Life Coach, Spiritual Coach and NLP practitioner Silvana draws on her extensive study of Philosophy, Psychology, Astrology, Meditation, Holistic Healing and Spirituality to create a uniquely inspirational and empowering style of coaching.

Being You and Loving You is Silvana’s gift to all those in search for a more meaningful and a more joyful life. A true labour of love, this is a book that will surely challenge you to look at yourself and your life in a different light, a book that will surprise you, enrich you, charm you and comfort you and a book that will ultimately enlighten and transform you - if you allow it to.

Silvana lives in the UK and divides her time between writing, coaching, group coaching, teaching, supporting humanitarian projects and conducting workshops and seminars.


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